Serial Killers - Chapter 2

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Serial Killers. The term itself invokes fear and repulsion. Unhinged predators that walk among us and represent the embodiment of evil.
In an episode 7 years in the making, we turn our attention to the grisly subject of serial killers and discuss the many facets of their hideous
crimes and attempt to understand the why and how behind their creation.

The question of heredity vs environment is raised. The potential explanations of biochemical imbalance and its effects on psychology are explored. The common traits and characteristics of serial killers are summarized. The reining theories of psychopathy are raised. The challenges of distinguishing fame from infamy are considered (would you purchase a painting by a killer?) The types of killers, methodology and motives are all part of this dense and compelling conversation.

True life horror can be the most challenging to discuss. With every crime described we must remember the victims and those impacted by their loss - which further drives home the terrifying fact that serial killers define the boundaries and limitations of our own safety and comfort.


from Serial Killers, released December 24, 2014



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